PlayMe - Social Competitions

Welcome to PlayMe, the app for social competitions! On PlayMe, quality of content is measured in wins & losses, not likes and shares. Here, you can be a fan, judge, contestant, or all of the above! Scroll down for more details and make sure to download PlayMe from the app store!


Upload a photo from your device. Add a caption; place it in a category (e.g. Funny), and add specific hashtags to it. All your posts can be accessed in your profile.


Invite other players to challenge your post, or challenge photos that have already been posted. All your challenges can be accessed in your profile, along with your win/loss record.


Vote on your friends' or any player's challenge, and access past votes in your profile.


Change your feed to and from Play Mode (single posts) & Vote Mode (challenges). Filter by Popular, Recent, or Fan of (players you are a fan of), as well as by category or tag.


Connect your Facebook account to share any challenge directly to Facebook. You can invite your friends to join PlayMe, as well as see which of your Facebook friends are on the app.


Do what it takes to get out there and show the PlayMe community how funny, awesome, and skilled you are!